Siemens 3% increase

Members in Siemens, formerly BBC Technology, have voted by 93% to accept a 3% pay increase.

The 3% is also applied to non-continuing allowances with a 2.5% London Weighting increase.

The pay anniversary date is 1 April - in line with Resources, who have already acceptred a 2.5% increase.

In BBC Worldwide, where the anniversary date is 1 July, BECTU is planning to submit a claim of inflation plus 2.3%, the amount by which the BBC's licence fee was increased at the beginning of April.

The union's case for a significant rise in Worldwide will be strengthened by the company's forecast of continuing record profits.

Claims for members in the BBC itself, and Red Bee Media, formerly BBC Broadcast, both of which have settlement dates of 1 August, are still being discussed by union representatives.

11 April 2006