BBCT conditions progress

Nearly all staff terms and conditions are planned to be retained if the BBCT privatisation goes ahead.

Following negotiations Siemens, the preferred bidder for BBC Technology, are now only proposing to change two aspects of staff conditions:

  • Expenses policy
  • IT usage policy
However there still remain a number issues surrounding pensions outlined below.

BECTU representatives are due to meet the UK Culture Minister on 13 September 2004 to argue against the proposed sale of BBCT - any sale requires government approval.

At a recent meeting with both BBC and Siemens management the responses previously given where discussed further:


More details where requested concerning Siemens proposed nursery placements for new staff - specifically the cost of such places.

BBC Job Vacancies

The BBC has said that internal vacancies will not be open to staff if they become part of Siemens, and that if such staff return to the BBC there will not have continuity of service. The union has said that this is a problem and that members feel strongly they should be able to apply for vacancies that are currently only open to BBC staff in view of the unagreed nature of the proposed transfer to Siemens. The union remains of the view that BBCT staff in Siemens should be able to apply for internal vacancies on the same basis as BBC staff with no loss of continuity of service.

Personal Records

BBC management said they would make it clear specifically which information from the personal records of individuals would be transferring. They said they would produce a list of generic headings detailing the items planned to be transferred.

London Service Desk

The union said it would reserve its position on the management response pending further consultation amongst the membership.


The union said the feeling amongst the membership on this point was as strong as it is concerning internal BBC job vacancies, outlined above, and that internal attachments should be open to BBCT staff in Siemens.

Computer Facilities

The union said that Gateway access would be extremely useful for BBCT staff. Management said this was the subject ongoing discussion between the BBC and Siemens.

Personal Cases

The union said that any pending personal cases (eg Disciplinarians) should be concluded before any proposed move of staff to Siemens.


The union asked if there were time 'windows' proposed for late night/early morning transport.

Data Privacy

Management said that facilities would be provided for transferring personal data from both email and network drive systems.

Local Agreements and Arrangements

In addition to 'local formal written agreements in place', referred to in previous correspondence, management said that any collective agreements recorded in documentation such as minutes of union/management meetings, would continue.

Continuity of employment

The union repeated its position that staff returning to the BBC should be granted continuity of employment including previous BBC and Siemens's service.


It confirmed the redundancy redeployment package, i.e. 5 months'/6 months' redeployment, will be retained in line with the recently renegotiated Agreed Statement.


It is proposed that the current BBC expenses policy is replaced with the Siemens policy.

BBC Benefits

The union reiterated that BBCT staff should continue to use a number of BBC facilities that fall outside conditions of service. In relation to BBC Occupational Health Siemens said they retained a contract medical advisor and provided an independent employee advisor scheme.


A number of outstanding question concerning pensions were raised - in particular how the Siemens scheme relates to the Old BBC Pension Scheme and how can a number of years contributed to the BBC Pension Scheme result in a lower number of years equivalent 'contributed' to the Siemens scheme if staff transfer their pension.
28 August 2004